Road To Paradise


There’s a reason that Fraser Island is deemed one of Queensland’s #1 bucket list destinations... you name it, Fraser's got it! 

From freshwater lakes, golden sand dunes and epic beaches, it's unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Fraser Island's rugged charms have captured the hearts of many... even larger-than-life NRL legend Billy Moore! 

Just a short drive from his home on the Sunshine Coast, it's a favourite holiday destination for Billy and his family - they have a ball every time!

Road To Fraser Island

From the rainforests, to the amazing beaches… this is as good as it gets! The experiences you’ll have here on Fraser Island will stay with you for the rest of your life - Billy Moore

So where do you begin? All summer roadtrips start right here at Kingfisher Bay Resort, with accommodation options for all travellers! 

Take some tips from Billy as he hits the tracks on the ultimate coast-to-coast adventure, exploring the best of Fraser and everything in between - it's the perfect itinerary inspo! 


Did you know, this Queensland gem was even named as one of Australian Traveller’s best summer road trip destinations! 

Australian Traveller Magazine

Cruise up the coast in search of your own little piece of paradise and set up on the sand for the afternoon. Or head inland to discover the iconic Lake McKenzie or the Pile Valley rainforest - the adventures are endless! 

Whatever you choose, there's no doubt you'll spot some of the island's incredible wildlife along the way too! And to top it all off, this World Heritage-listed wonderland is right in our very own backyard... how lucky are we?

75 Mile Beach

After a day of adventure, you can retreat to your eco accommodation at Kingfisher Bay Resort, hidden along the island’s western coast. 

Foodie lovers can sample the island’s traditional fare with a range of culinary experiences are on offer, from Bush Tucker Talk and Taste sessions, to fine dining at the resort’s signature Seabelle Restaurant. Savour native ingredients in their natural state, learn how they can be utilised in everyday cooking, and enjoy a selection of modern, bush tucker-infused creations - yum! (There's even Aussie-inspired cocktails to match!) 

Bush Tucker Talk & Taste 

To find out more about Kingfisher Bay Resort’s foodie offerings and dining experiences, click here.



Fraser Coast locals Dan, Steph and Emmy have a long-time love for Fraser Island. While they may have been visiting the destination since they were kids, this natural wonder keeps them coming back time and time again.

“It’s that sense of freedom – when people ask us what brings us back to Fraser Island, it’s that beautiful fresh air…there’s nothing quite like. We’re so lucky to now show our daughter our beautiful backyard” – Dan + Steph.

And even better, you don't need your own 4WD! To experience the most iconic sights on the world’s largest island... look no further than Fraser Explorer Tours. Offering the most comprehensive island itinerary and custom-built 4WD coaches, the team of expert local guides will lead the way, even tackling the sand tracks for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! 

Take a look as Dan, Steph and Emmy join Ch 7’s Chris Parsons and resident tour guide Peter Meyer on an unforgettable family adventure.



Just a short 3.5 hr drive from Brisbane, Fraser is the ideal island escape! Plus, with easy access from the southeast and surrounding Queensland regions, Fraser Island is the holiday destination of choice, meaning you’ll be island-side (with a cocktail in-hand!) in no time. Sounds pretty perfect, right? Paradise is closer than you think!

Fraser Island Ferries are operating passenger and vehicle services daily from River Heads (Hervey Bay), crossing the Great Sandy Strait in approximately 45 minutes, with direct access to Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Or, if you're planning to head to the east coast, then check out our 4WD-based accommodation, Eurong Beach Resort, located right on 75 Mile Beach (To stay here, you will need your own 4WD vehicle).

Now you're en route to Fraser's some must-haves for your bucket list itinerary:



75 Mile Beach

With wide open spaces and 75 miles of golden sandy coastline, the eastern beach is the perfect place to set out and find your own little secluded spot.

Cruise up the coast in a 4WD, let the windows down as the ocean breeze brushes across your face and breathe in that salty air - There’s no better feeling that being in the great outdoors!

…and did you know, this iconic stretch of sand is classed as an official Australian gazetted highway? With speeds up to 80km/hr you can cover all of the east coast’s top spots, starting from the ultimate beachfront base at Eurong Beach Resort, right up north to the Champagne Pools.

Plus, with over 1200km of inland sand tracks just waiting to be explored, it's a true 4WD'ers paradise. 



Lake McKenzie

Nothing says relaxation, like immersing yourself in idyllic, crystal-clear depths…and with over 100 freshwater lakes on Fraser Island, you can take your pick!

One of our all-time favourites of course, Lake McKenzie, is encircled by pure white silica sand. Laze along the shore, dive in for refreshing dip and let your worries float away….

For the true adventure-seekers, you can take the self-guided trail, departing Kingfisher Bay Resort. Make sure you leave early in the AM to allow plenty of swimming time (It’s a 6-hour return trek!), but some fresh air and a little walk on the wild side will do you the world of good.



Kingfisher Bay Resort Fraser Island

Your island home-away-from-home awaits!

Nestled in amongst nature, and located right along the island’s western bay, Kingfisher Bay Resort is a hidden retreat. You’ll feel a world away, with accommodation styles to suit all travellers, and a daily schedule of Ranger-guided eco activities. Not to mention, it’s the perfect base to set out and explore the sights! You’re spoilt for choice, naturally!



Fraser Island Rainforest

With over 184,000 hectares of natural beauty awaiting, it’s time to get outside and explore. Adventures are for this moment NOW!

As one of just two places where rainforests grow in the sand, you’ll be in absolute awe as you wander through these centuries-old, towering trees.

Getting back to nature is good for the soul, and an afternoon surrounded by lush greenery and the calming, tranquil sounds of Pile Valley will guarantee exactly that. Located in the heart of Fraser, it’s a short drive inland from either resort. It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you don't have your own 4WD or you're not quite so savvy on the sand tracks, why not leave it to the pro's at Fraser Explorer Tours - with guided 4WD tours departing the resort daily, they'll ensure you have the ultimate Fraser Island experience in air-conditioned comfort 



Kingfisher Bay Resort Sunset Sessions

As a World Heritage-listed destination, we’re all about that H2O and with our diverse range of natural waterways, we sure have it in spades…but should you choose to indulge in an island-inspired beverage, we’ve got the perfect place for you!

Settle in to one of the Sunset Bar’s beach beanbags and prepare for the ultimate nature show. With the western beach bathed in a golden glow, there’s no better place to soak up the spectacular surrounds, as the sun dips below the horizon across the Great Sandy Strait.


To read the full Australian Traveller feature article, and to learn more about why Fraser Island is one of the Top 100 places to #HolidayHereThisYear, then Click Here. 

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