Self-Guided walks

Take some time to smell the wild flowers...

What better way to immerse yourself in the island than by taking some time to smell the wild flowers. Kingfisher Bay has a number of self-guided walks in and around the resort.

Short walks: (From the resort and all less than 3 hour duration) include: 
Beerilbee Trail, McKenzie’s Jetty, Southern Lookout, WW11 Commando School Walk, Great Sandy Strait Walk and Dundonga Creek Walk.

Day walks: (Greater than 3 hour return walks) include:
Lake McKenzie Circuit Walk

Take only photos and happy memories, leave only footprints.

Litter is unattractive and harmful to wildlife. Be environmentally friendly, pick up any rubbish you see. Dispose of all rubbish using bins at recycling stations provided at the resort. To protect our wildlife please do not drop cigarette butts on the ground. Film containers make excellent travel ashtrays.

To avoid damaging fragile flora and fauna please keep to designated roads and walking tracks to avoid erosion. Drive in 4WD carefully, adhering to normal road rules. Keep to the speed limits, 80km/h on the beach and 35km/h on the inland roads.

Feeding, touching or approaching native animals can alter their patterns of behaviour, endangering them or yourself.

  • Never feed dingoes
  • Always stay close to your children.
  • Look out for dingoes – stay calm, don’t run.
  • Watch Dingoes quietly – never encourage or excite them.
  • Do not turn your back on a dingo – wait for it to walk away.
  • Walk in small groups.

Care for our waterways by refraining from applying sunscreen or insect repellent until after swimming. Detergents and soaps should not be used in lakes and creeks.

Show care for plants and trees. No plants can be removed from the island or introduced to the island. Observe fire bans.

The Island contains many significant spiritual and cultural heritage sites. Avoid behaviour that is damaging or offensive.

Take time to learn about Fraser Island. Always take plenty of water, a map, sunscreen and a first aid kit on walks. Please notify the Rangers of your intended walk, route and party members and register your return. Walk with friends, at least 3 people in every walking group.


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