Kingfisher Bay Resort - Fraser Island Accommodation

Self-Guided Short Walks - Track Notes


Track Distance: 1.2km one-way to White Cliffs Lookout; 30 minutes
3.3km return via Dundonga Creek; 60 minutes
Grade: Moderate fitness required

Take the track directly beside the Sand Bar or follow signs for the Balarrgan Circuit and White Cliffs Lookout past the volleyball court. Both trails join to form one track after 30 metres.

The trail winds its way up the hill through eucalypt woodland, passing interpretive signs, before reaching White Cliffs Lookout (A).

Return on the same track or continue over the hill and down to Dundonga Creek (B). When low tides permit, turn left to walk back to the resort along the beach. Check tide times before departure. Please note: Dundonga Creek becomes a deep, fast-flowing stream at high tide.


Track Distance: 2km one-way to Lookout; 30 minutes
Grade: Moderate fitness required

Walk to the right of the Village Store (C) past the fuel bowsers, up the bitumen road exit to the sand track on your left marked Beerillbee Trail / Lake McKenzie / Dundonga Circuit.

The track follows the fire control line for 360metres before dividing. Turn left following the Beerillbee Trail signs uphill for 147 to a small hiking trail on the left, which weaves its way up hill to a bitumen road. Cross this road diagonally to the left onto a wide sand track, which will take you to the Lookout (A).

Returning to the resort you have three options: 

  • Retrace the Beerillbee trail back to the Shopping Village.
  • Turn left at the Lookout and follow the Balarrgan Track down to the Sand Bar/Jetty Hut.
  • Turn right at the Lookout and descend to Dundonga Creek (B) and return to the Jetty via the beach. This option should only be considered at low tide.


Track Distance: 5 km return; 1.5 hrs  
Grade: Moderate fitness required

This track starts on the beach in front of the resort. Looking out over the Great Sandy Strait turn left and walk south along the beach for 2.5 km. Here you will find the remnants of McKenzie’s Jetty.

Take time to explore the pylons of McKenzie’s Jetty (E) or the ruins of the Z Special Unit training camp (F). A sign on the beach will lead you to the Z-Force area. Sign posts will then lead you back through the forest track via the Southern Lookout (this should be done at high tide).


Track Distance: 2.3km return; 40 minutes
Grade: Moderate fitness required

35m after the road levels out turn left up the small bitumen drive for 20m before turning left up the sand track and past the picnic table. Continue to the crest of the hill where the track meets the ridge-top fire trail. Turn right and follow the fire trail to the Lookout (D).  Please be careful at the cliff edge.

To return follow the ridge fire trail back to the main road. Turn left and follow the road downhill to the Village Store. Please be aware of approaching vehicles when walking along the road.


Track Distance: 5.9 km return; 2.5 hours
Grade: Moderate fitness required

This walk takes you inland from the resort to the Z Special Unit training camp ruins. From the Shopping Village take the Southern Lookout track (as above) and follow the signs from here through the forest to the Z-Force unit. There are no specific tracks leading through the ruins, so please take the upmost care.

Return to the main track and turn left. This track takes you to the top of the sand cliff above the beach. There is wire fencing along the cliff edge, however please take care. Do not take the tracks straight down the cliff, as this will contribute to erosion. Continue over the hill and down to the beach at McKenzie’s Jetty (E). Turn right and walk north 2.5 km to return to Kingfisher Bay.

If you choose to return via the beach, this should only be walked at low tide, please check tide times before departure. Please note: This trail may be walked in reverse order by starting along the beach to avoid high tides. Please check tide times.

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