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AUGUST 2013: Our holidaying Humpbacks arrive

The Humpbacks are the main attraction every August through October The Humpbacks are the main attraction every August through October © Kingfisher Bay Resort

1 AUG - 31 OCT: As the black and white leviathan circled the boat, bobbing up occasionally to stare at me with soulful eyes, I found it hard to believe that, when it came to biology, this giant sea-creature had more in common with me than with the barramundi I'd scoffed during last night's dinner.

We're humpback whale watching on Queensland's Fraser Coast, from Kingfisher Bay Resort and, quite frankly, I'm hooked!

The official season splashes down in early August and runs til the end of October, and we're in the thick of things aboard the Quick Cat II with Skipper Brian Perry.  Brian, and wife Jill, pioneered whale watching in Hervey Bay and, some 23 years later, have teamed with Fraser Island eco-resort Kingfisher Bay to run whale trips direct from the island to Platypus Bay – where I'm told the whales like to wallow.

As we steam north past Yathlon, a sand dune that looks strangely like a whale tail, Skipper Brian draws comparisons between these sea giants and my good self.

Apparently their body stays at a constant temperature, much like humans; at some stage of their life they have some hair on their bodies; it's believed they have a similar bone structure and life span; and the female of the species can't hold a tune, which I reluctantly admit sounds all too familiar.

So too their circulatory and respiratory systems take in oxygen and transport vital substances around the body; their digestive system is of a similar type to mine; they give birth to live young; and, like me, they've chosen to take some time out on the Fraser Coast.

Lucky for me my weight, even with the rich holiday-diet, falls a long way short of forty tonnes – and it's here, thank goodness, that our similarities end.

During the course of the whale watching season, about four to five-thousand humpbacks will spend anywhere from a day or two to two weeks relaxing and nurturing their young in the sheltered lee of Fraser Island. I cannot but help draw a parallel to the large numbers of tourists that fill the resorts and camping areas on Fraser – relaxing and nurturing their young on the world's largest sand island.

For holidaymakers travelling to the Fraser Coast from August to October to whale watch, there is the added bonus of visiting World Heritage-listed Fraser Island and combining the best nature has to offer in one very convenient nature escape.  

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