Meet our Rangers

Let’s get to know the team...

Our fun and knowledgeable team of Rangers are amazing ambassadors of Fraser Island. You’ll spot these friendly faces around the resort, running a series of guided walks, tours and nature-based activities and our renowned Junior Eco Ranger Program, often pointing out various wildlife species and sharing Fraser facts along the way. Did you know - they even met the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their official royal visit!?...

Let’s get to know the team...


Ann Bauer

Ann Bauer

Ann Bauer, or Ranger Annie, as she is affectionately known, is Head Ranger at Kingfisher Bay Resort, with over 20 years’ experience living and working on Fraser Island.

Starting in the Marine Department initially, she went on to become a tour guide with Fraser Explorer Tours, before finally managing the resort’s Ranger department. Ann has welcomed TV presenters, journalists and celebrities alike – and has become a star in her own right, conducting several interviews and a few cheeky television appearances.

Ann’s tenacity and passion for conservation, and for her 5-strong ranger team, has seen her recently win the 2018 Leadership Award (Go, Annie!).

Ann loves to explore Fraser Island both via land and sea, spending her spare time in her on boat - over to the island of course! She says she has the best job in the world!

Annie's favourite Fraser Island activity - The Ranger-Guided Canoe Paddle


Tess Schreck

Ranger Tess

Tess Schreck joined Kingfisher Bay's Eco Ranger team in September 2017. A born and raised Hervey Bay local, Tess began visiting Fraser Island as a one year old, and has been in love with it ever since.

As a child it was her dream to one-day be a ranger – and her dream is now a reality.

In 2014 she completed her Bachelor's Degree, majoring in Geography, History and Australian Indigenous studies. These studies, together with her local knowledge and love for the island has made her a great asset to the team.

Her passion for the island, its history and the environment is inspiring, as is her infectious smile and warm personality.

In her spare time Tess dabbles in photography, drawing, hiking and bird watching.

Tess' favourite Kingfisher Bay Resort activity - The Ranger-Guided Night Walk


Jermaine La Rocca

Jermaine La Rocca

Jermaine La Rocca is our Team Leader for the rangers and is a direct descendant of the Butchulla Tribe on K'gari.

He is an expert in bush tucker and bush medicine survival which he learnt from the elders within his family, but mostly through his own personal research, gaining an appreciation for culturalism and science.

He has a certificate in TV Pro Global and extensive acting training, which he wishes to combine in the hope to one day have is own TV show, based on the culture and science of plants.

Ranger J is full of passion, always wears a big, broad smile and ensures everyone is enjoying themselves while on his ancestral homeland.

Jermaine loves cultural research, hiking, 4WDing, board games, star gazing, movies and night walks.

Ranger Jermaine's favourite Fraser experience - The Bush Tucker Talk and Taste


Kaylee Whitmore

Kaylee Whitmore

Kaylee Whitmore joined our Eco Rangers team in May 2019.

Being raised on a rural property, she has always had a passion for animals and the environment – having volunteered with Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast while completing a Bachelor of Animal Ecology.

She’s attended field trips in South Africa and conducted conservation research both around south east QLD and here on Fraser Island. Kaylee already loves being an Eco Ranger; her favourite part of the job is interacting with people from around the world and learning something new every day.

In her free time she enjoys horse riding, adventuring, camping and stand up paddle boarding.

Kaylee’s favourite resort activity - Ranger Guided Segway Tour


Cassie Duncan

Cassie Duncan

Cassie Duncan also joined us in May 2019.

Born and raised in Hervey Bay, Fraser Island is one of her favourite destinations, visiting as often as she can, including for her studies.

Cassie completed a Bachelor of Animal Ecology with honours in Marine Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2018. She has also worked as a research assistant on projects involving sea turtles, fish, raptors and even oyster reef restoration.

Her local knowledge, coupled with her excitement, enthusiasm and passion for the natural world makes Cassie an asset to the team and says she is living her dream!

In her spare time she enjoys snorkelling/diving, wildlife photography, videography, reading and movies.

Cassie’s favourite Kingfisher Bay Resort activity - Sea Explorer's Eco Marine Cruises 


Tasmin Proost

Tasmin Proost

Tasmin Proost joined Kingfisher Bay Resort's Eco Ranger team in February 2021, and has dreamed of working in Environmental Education her whole life. Inspired by David Attenborough, and her time as a Junior Reporter on Totally Wild and Scope, she graduated from USC with a Bachelor of Animal Ecology in 2018 and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in 2020. Her main area of study was in the Evolutionary Biomechanics of Climbing Lizards.

In her studies she has visited Fraser Island (K'gari) several times, along with many other wild locations; even the Galapagos Islands! She is excited to learn everything she can about the history and ecology of K'gari, so that she can pass this on to our diverse range of guests. Tasmin was also present at the launch of the K'gari Discovery Centre (pictured), which was a joint initiative of SeaLink Fraser Island and USC.

In her free time she enjoys swimming/snorkelling at the beach, reading, running and hiking.

Tasmin's favourite Kingfisher Bay Resort activity - Ranger-Guided Canoe Paddle


Check out our weekly What’s On Guide for the full schedule of Ranger-guided activities – Our team look forward to meeting you!

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