Meet our Rangers

Let’s get to know the team...

Our fun and knowledgeable team of Rangers are amazing ambassadors of K'gari (formerly Fraser Island). You’ll spot these friendly faces around the resort often pointing out various wildlife species, sharing fun facts about the unique ecology of the world's largest sand island and highlighting the award-winning eco-tourism principles of Kingfisher Bay Resort.

This dedicated team run a series of guided walks, tours and nature-based activities, our incredible Bush Tucker Talk and Taste experience, and our renowned Junior Eco Ranger Program for the kids.

Let’s get to know the team...


Cassandra Duncan

Ranger Cassie

Ranger Cassie has been a member of Kingfisher Bay's Eco Ranger team since May 2019 and has recently stepped into the role of Head Ranger.  

Growing up in Hervey Bay, Cassie has always had a connection with the ocean and a passion for wildlife, sparking her interest in marine ecology and conservation. This inspired her to complete a Bachelor of Animal Ecology with honours in Marine Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2018.

Cassie’s curiosity and fascination of marine ecosystems has led her to work on multiple research projects involving sea turtles, sharks & rays, fish, birds of prey and coastal mammals, even having her work on habitat restoration and estuarine fishes published in a scientific journal.

This part of the world is home for Cassie, visiting many times throughout her childhood and for her studies, she loves to showcase this incredibly special and unique place to our guests while helping them to develop their understanding and appreciation for the island and its surrounding marine ecosystems.

In her spare time, she enjoys camping, snorkelling, wildlife photography & watercolour painting.

Cassie’s favourite Kingfisher Bay Resort activity - Sea Explorer's Eco Marine Cruises


Letty Delaney

Letty Delaney

Ranger Letty has recently joined the Kingfisher Bay Eco Ranger Team and has found her dream job.

Letty has most recently worked a secondary educator at a local school and is very passionate about educating others about our unique Australian ecosystems and how these precious systems can be preserved.

Letty’s lifelong love for animals, particularly marine life, led her to complete a Bachelor of Animal Ecology with honours during 2018, from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Letty worked on a research project with assistance from Queensland Life Saving, exploring the relationship between climate cycles, anthropogenic climate change and Queensland’s stinger seasons.

Letty loves all aspects of the Ranger job, especially the Junior Eco Ranger program, as children are always so keen to learn about our amazing animals on the island and are sponges for learning. Letty finds it very rewarding to see guests enjoying our experiences and leaving the island with more knowledge than they arrived with, and a deeper appreciation for K’gari.  

In her spare time, she loves reading, listening to music and meditation.  

Letty's favourite Kingfisher Bay Resort activity - Ranger-guided Night Walk


Tim Williams

Ranger Tim

Ranger Tim joined the team in September 2020.

Tim began his journey with the Rangers through a volunteer opportunity offered through the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). He was selected for the position and began to assist the team during the September School holidays. However, due to his passion and excitement for the role, Tim was officially employed and invited back for each holiday period while he continued his studies. Tim has since completed his Bachelor of Recreation and Outdoor Environmental Studies at USC and has now relocated to the island full-time.

Growing up in Melbourne, he worked as a sailing instructor and lifesaver. Due to his love for a warmer climate, Tim moved to the Sunshine Coast to focus his studies on coastal environments. His passion for the outdoors has created a platform for him to create a career focusing on the environment and educating people about ‘what’s in their backyard’. Throughout his course, Tim has been to K’gari multiple times to study its coastal habitats and wildlife. He has experienced most of the walking trails that K’gari has to offer through peer led expeditions and Tim’s love and awe of K’gari continues to grow every day.

You’ll often find Tim exploring the outdoors in his spare time by camping, hiking, taking photos and kayaking.

Tim’s favourite Kingfisher Bay Resort activity - Personalised Tours


Chelsea Millward

Ranger Chelsea

Ranger Chelsea has recently joined the team after graduating with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Marine Biology from James Cook University in Townsville earlier this year.

Chelsea has spent much of her life on the coast and in the water, volunteering for a range of projects that have taken her all over the world, from the outskirts of the Great Barrier Reef chasing whales and collecting corals to the plains of South Africa performing game counts on wild elephants and removing invasive plant species.

Chelsea has always had a close connection with nature and fondly remembers exploring tide pools for interesting creatures and scanning the high tide mark for shells as a kid. Though she has worked with many different marine and terrestrial animals, the animal she holds nearest to her heart are sharks! You can often spot Chelsea sporting some shark teeth jewellery or searching for rays under the jetty at any chance she gets. Chelsea is excited to share her environmental-based knowledge, along with the history and culture of the island with all of K'gari's guests.

In her free time, you will often find her painting on the beach, listening to music, diving, or adventuring around the Island.

Chelsea's favourite activity - Ranger-guided Canoe Paddle


Jermaine La Rocca

Jermaine La Rocca

Ranger ‘Jay’ as he is affectionately known, started work at Kingfisher Bay Resort in December 2007. 

Initially working in the Food & Beverage department, he started training with the Ranger’s department in 2008 and has been a valued member of the team ever since. Working on and off with the resort over the years, Jay now works at one of the local High Schools and joins the ranger’s team throughout school holidays.  

A direct descendant of the Butchulla People of K'gari, Jay is an expert in bush tucker and bush medicine survival. Some of this knowledge he learnt from the elders within his family, but most was through his own personal research, where he gained an appreciation for culturalism and science. 

He has a certificate in TV Pro Global and extensive acting training, which he wishes to combine in the hope to one day have is own TV show, based on the culture and science of plants. Jay is full of passion, always wears a big, broad smile and ensures everyone is enjoying themselves while on his ancestral homeland. 

Jay loves cultural research, hiking, 4WDing, board games, star gazing, movies and night walks. 

Ranger Jermaine's favourite Fraser experience - The Bush Tucker Talk and Taste


Check out our weekly What’s On Guide for the full schedule of Ranger-guided activities – Our team look forward to meeting you!

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