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14-18 December 2014: The Magic Dunes Of Fraser Island With Errol Stock

Coongul Creek: Fraser Island's shifting sandscapes are full of hidden secrets Coongul Creek: Fraser Island's shifting sandscapes are full of hidden secrets © Peter Meyer Photography

It’s easy to fall under the spell of Fraser Island’s dunes. In pulses linked to geological and climatic cycles, and for more than 2 million years, sand has accumulated on a hard basement of sedimentary and volcanic rocks so that only a few headlands and small outcrops remain visible to hint at Nature’s cloaking magic. 

Building dune upon dune, the highest point is almost 250 metres above sea level. Like the Hammerstone ‘blow’ invading Lake Wabby the bare, mobile sand areas are easy to see. But you need to ride in a plane or look at a satellite image to see that most of the island is made of U- and V-shaped ridges clothed in stabilising vegetation.

In a series of special talks Dr Errol Stock introduces the range of different dunes on the island and hints at how earth scientists have used their ‘magic’ to reveal the sequence of dune building and the age of some of the different generations.

Come along and bring your special question about the wonder of the dunes.  


Topic: 'Water Secrets' of Fraser Island
Date: Sunday, December 14
Time: From 2030-2130
Want to learn more about Fraser Island's water including its amazing perched lakes?

Topic: Hidden Workers - Creatures And Critters In The Sand
Date: Monday, December 15
Time: From 2030-2130
Learn about Fraser's fabulous fauna.

Topic: Kingdom Of Coloured Sands
Date: Tuesday, December 16
Time: From 2030-2130
Ever wanted to dive deep in to the sands of time?

Topic: Sand On The Move
Date: Wednesday, December 17
Time: From 2030-2130
Learn about the ever-changing sandy environment that is Fraser.

Topic: The Magic of Fraser Island's Dunes
Date: Thursday, December 18
Time: From 2030-2130
Dr Errol uncovers more mysteries and magic on the world's largest sand island.

Dr Stock is a director of Triple-E Consultants. For almost 30 years he was attached to Griffith University where he taught earth sciences and planning at the Nathan Campus. Before joining Griffith University he worked for 12 years on mining and exploration projects throughout Australia.

All talks will take place in the resort's Investigator Conference Room, conveniently located in the Centre Complex. Be sure to check our What's On Guide for details of all upcoming events or Errol's guest blog.