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SEPTEMBER 2012: International Observe The Moon Night

Forget the moon in June, September is where it's at. Forget the moon in June, September is where it's at. © Noeleen Lowndes

Only twelve people have ever walked on the surface of the moon, but come September 22, thousands of keen astronomers from around the world will be lining up to view earth’s closest celestial neighbour during the 'International Observe The Moon Night’ festivities – and Fraser Island’s one of the official locations.

Join Gold Coast Astronomer and regular guest presenter at Kingfisher Bay Resort, Noeleen Lowndes.  Noeleen will be taking full advantage of Fraser Island’s clear winter skies to present a series of interactive talks about the moon’s craters, lunar seas and majestic mountains – timed perfectly to coincide with the worldwide festivities. 


Event: Noeleen Lowndes Unearths The Moon!
Date: Saturday, 22 September - Sunday, 23 September 2012
Time: Presentation from 1930 followed by Telescope observations until 2130 (weather permitting)
Where: Kingfisher Bay Resort Panama Room / Fraser Island's western beach

“The Moon is our closest celestial object in the universe at approximately 363,000kms from Earth and is moving further away at a rate of about an inch a year,” Ms Lowndes said. “The International Observe the Moon Night - with the theme 'Under The Same Moon' - is a global astronomical event where thousands will simultaneously view our nearest neighbor, and Fraser’s clear night skies offer perfect visibility.”

“Approximately 59% of the Moon’s surface is visible to us here on earth and we always see the same side of the moon, so these sessions are a great way to introduce armchair astronomers to the lunar landscape to the night sky and to reading sky charts,” she said. “And, as technology has advanced, we’ll also be looking at how to use astronomy apps on iPhones and IPads to accurately view the night sky from the comfort of home.” 

Check out Noeleen's blog from this event or the album on Facebook.