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Big Smiles All Round At Lake McKenzie

Love was definitely in the air at the heart-shaped Lake McKenzie yesterday Love was definitely in the air at the heart-shaped Lake McKenzie yesterday © Fraser Explorer Tours

FRASER ISLAND: Hervey Bay Life Coach and self-proclaimed Director of Smiles, Peter Sewell, was rewarded with the biggest smile of them all when fiancée Annette Ludwig accepted his marriage proposal yesterday.

In a move right off the pages of a romance movie, Peter and the team from Fraser Explorer Tours plotted for several days to plan the perfect Fraser Island proposal, with tour guide John Riley in the driver's seat.

The proposal preparation began two days ago when Peter dropped three big A3 signs with the words WILL, YOU and MARRY ME to Fraser Explorer's mainland depot. The subterfuge continued with Tour Guide, John, quietly filling all of his passengers in and enlisting the help of three volunteers to hold up the all-important signs.

"As I picked up each guest for my day tour, I let them know we were going to have a marriage proposal on tour and to keep it quiet," he said.

"The funny thing was we had quite a few couples on tour and each was slyly looking at the next couple thinking it was them."

The big moment came after a visit to the heart-shaped Lake McKenzie, when Peter gave the signal and John marshalled his group and another on a Premium Tour – complete with signs – into the picnic area. As Peter and Annette rounded the corner the tour group was huddled together holding the signs up.

According to John, Annette was totally shocked, stunned and impressed. "She saw the signs and then Peter turned and got down on one knee," he said.

"Annette said 'of course I'll say yes' to a chorus of whistling, clapping and cheering."

And in a final flourish, the tour group left Lake McKenzie to the tune of Bruno Mars' 'I think I want to marry you' piped through the central PA system in the bus.

The happy couple, who met in Germany 19 months ago, has been visiting friends and relatives in Hervey Bay and will divide their time between Australia and Europe.

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