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The Call of the Wild

Whether you're drawn to the brilliance of Fraser Island's rainforest with its great, green canopies growing in sand; to the Queensland beach lifestyle and those 75 miles of beach riddled with coloured sands, desert-like sand blows and shipwrecks; to sparkling fresh water lakes perched in dunes or to the prospect of exploring the world's largest sand island by four-wheel-drive – Fraser Island delivers a 'wild' experience in one action-packed destination.

Self Guided Walks

Want to enjoy Fraser at a slower pace and in solitude, accompanied by the birds, wildlife and magnificent flora that make this World Heritage-listed island magic?

The island boasts a range of short walks, day hikes or the 6-8 day, 90km Fraser Island Great walk.   Ask our Rangers for more information and please let a member of the resort team know before you head out.

Bubble Away In The Champagne Pools

Seventy-Five Mile Beach Highway is the spine of the island and, for those that love the beach, a great place to spot shorebirds or passing dingoes.

On this full day tour, we leave the lush rainforests and forests behind and head north along the beach to explore Kooloro Sandblow and a rocky outcrop, called Indian Head.  Here you'll spot the diverse range of marine creatures in the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea and, if you're lucky, see the migrating Humpback Whales.

From here we head to The Champagne Pools – a natural Jacuzzi, the only place you can swim in salt water on Fraser and a fabulous place to relax and just enjoy being here.

Book The Champagne Pools tour at the Ranger's Desk.

"Sun, Sand, Clearest water imaginable"
Had SUCH an amazing time on Fraser Island!! Lake McKenzie and The Champagne Pools were definite highlights, although I felt pretty lucky to see four dingos on the trip as well, as they're such a quintessential part of the island!!! The food was incredible too, and Shane our tour guide was hilarious!! - Alex F87 - Reviewed February 25, 2012

A Cruise On The Great Sandy Straits!

The Great Sandy Strait pristine water way is home to a large variety of marine and bird life.  The resort offers a number of cruises – check them out.

All This And Whales Too

If you like what you see... then why not come back and see us again when our migrating Humpback Whales come to town.  Our Whale Watching season runs from August 1 to 31 October each year and offers up some of the best whale watching – in the calm waters on the lee side of Fraser Island!

Did you know?

Kingfisher Bay Resort is a proud partner and Platinum Business Supporter of The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) – Australia’s only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting our oceans.

The AMCS is an independent, not-for-profit organisation staffed by a committed group of scientists, educators, and advocates who have defended Australia’s oceans for 40 years. They, along with patron Tim Winton, work on the big issues concerning the sea -creating sustainable fisheries, recovering threatened species and creating marine national parks.

It's a great cause... here's what you can do to help at home!


Our Eco Philosophy

We believe in: "Ecologically sustainable tourism that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation".
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About Fraser Island

Stretching over 123 kilometres along the southern coast of Queensland, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. more