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Z-Force Experience


During World War II more than 900 men gathered on the western side of Fraser Island to complete a series of top secret, high-level training missions for the Australian Army.

The men, who became known as the Z Special Unit, trained in the island's bush, beaches and sub-tropical rainforests and essentially formed part of Australia's first Special Forces.
Known only to the Prime Minister and High Command, the Z Unit completed more than 260 operations behind enemy lines during the war.

Secrecy has surrounded the Z Unit for decades - even after the war - but today, guests at Kingfisher Bay Resort can learn first-hand about one of the most mysterious and successful chapters of Australia's military history with a three-hour guided tour of the Z Commando School site.

Join our expert guide, re-trace the footsteps of our bravest military heroes with a march to this historic site and learn about the unique skills these Commandos acquired during their time training on Fraser Island.

See our What's on Guide for session times. More information about the Z Special Unit is available here.

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