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Interpretation of the Environment At Resort Level

Interpretation of the Environment At Resort Level © Kingfisher Bay Resort - Fraser Island

What does it mean to work in a World Heritage-listed environment?  We see the preservation of our resort sites and Fraser Island as instrumental to the sustainability of our operation and the continued enjoyment of guests.

From a guest perspective, our commitment is to provide a unique and memorable ecotourism experience.  Interpretation of the environment is seen as a critically important component of the total environmental program – both for adults and our Junior Eco Rangers (Children aged 4-14 years).

Meet and greet sessions inform all guests of their environmental responsibility and appropriate behaviour on Fraser Island and around dingoes and other fauna.  The resort's interpretative and environmental activities mirror the aims of education, preservation and appreciation, established for a World Heritage area, and the introduction of the 'Rangers in the Community' program (where our team head into schools and nursing homes with an environmental message) has increased scope of education locally.

As they leave, our guests tell us they have had a life changing experience.  They want to go back to their home and do something for the environment - whether it is to recycle, conserve water, or take up bird watching. They want to get in touch with their own environment - maybe become involved with the local Landcare group - particularly where children are concerned.

Our Eco Philosophy

We believe in: "Ecologically sustainable tourism that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation".
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About Fraser Island

Stretching over 123 kilometres along the southern coast of Queensland, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. more