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Looks Like Laurie Bent Over Backwards To Go Green On Fraser Island

They're green on Fraser: Assistant Manager Corey Law, Laurie Bent and Fun Over Fifty Hostess Anita Taylor They're green on Fraser: Assistant Manager Corey Law, Laurie Bent and Fun Over Fifty Hostess Anita Taylor © Kingfisher Bay Resort

FRASER ISLAND: Laurie Bent is one man who has successfully challenged Kermit the Frog's old song lyric, "It's Not Easy Being Green." Laurie, who hails from Mummel, New South Wales, is the first ever Fun Over Fifty guest to take part in the popular tour company's brand-new Green Guest Policy, which launched ​earlier ​this month.

Fun Over Fifty - which offers holiday packages to the Active Senior market - has partnered with Kingfisher Bay Resort, an Eco Tourism Australian accredited Green Leader, and other partners to help their guests reduce their overall carbon footprint at the places they visit, including World Heritage-listed Fraser Island.

Under the program, Fun Over Fifty CEO, Toni Brennan, is asking her guests to be proactive in making a positive impact on the environment, society and the economy in the destinations they visit by asking them to consider the environmental cost of power, water used for washing linen and replacing towels, chemical cleaning agents and excess plastic bag usage as a result of requesting daily hotel room cleans.

David Hay, Group GM of Kingfisher Bay Resort, said there were definite synergies between Fun Over Fifty's Green Guest Policy and the eco-saving measures already in place at the resort.

"We launched an opt-in Conservation Credit scheme several years back where guests can opt out of having a daily room clean and, in return, they are rewarded with discounted eco-touring and environmentally friendly spa treatments," he said.

"We source food from local suppliers and all of our day tours are eco-accredited to ensure we have a sustainable touring product in our World Heritage environment."

Mr Hay said it was a natural progression to partner with the Fun Over Fifty team on this program.

"We congratulate Toni and her team for their commitment to sustainable tourism and Laurie on being the first 'Green Man' to take the plunge," he said.

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