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Fraser Island "screams summer" and is "the quintessential destination for adventurous travellers" Fraser Island "screams summer" and is "the quintessential destination for adventurous travellers" © Georgia Rickard

FRASER ISLAND: How does one set about capturing the essence of Fraser Island in a single photograph?  That's the challenge recently undertaken by a four-man crew on location to shoot a cover shot for Australian Traveller Magazine's top-selling summer edition, featuring their 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

According to Australian Traveller Editor, Georgia Rickard, the secret to a great cover shot lay in finding a location that conveyed a sense of place in one single, all-important glance.

"Fraser Island really is the quintessential destination for our readers, who are adventurous by nature, have travelled the world and now want to see what we have in our own backyard, Ms Rickard said.

"The challenge here has been to find a location that conveys a sense of the island and its grandiosity... and then have the elements - talent, photographer, weather and light - all line up perfectly.

According to Ms Rickard, the world's largest sand island screamed "summer" and "I'm taking a break in paradise whilst four-wheel-driving around the country", so it was a logical choice to star on their summer cover.

"With so many gorgeous places in one spot, we've had our work cut out for us this visit," she said. "But, we have managed to narrow the field to three locations for our summer cover, including the iconic Lake McKenzie."

Georgia is keen to encourage Fraser Coasters to nominate their World Heritage-listed island backyard in the magazine's Readers' Choice Awards – a move echoed by Kingfisher Bay Resort's Group Communication Manager, Jodi Clark, who hosted the crew during their recent visit.

"Australian Traveller's readers are avid travellers and circulation figures tell us it is the country's highest selling and most widely read Aussie travel magazine," Ms Clark said. "So there is a real opportunity here to help capitalise on the Fraser Island cover story and translate it into increased domestic visitation for the region."

Ms Clark called for passionate Fraser Coasters to join with them in nominating Fraser Island as the Best Adventure Holiday in the country.

"The resort has had a long association with Australian Traveller since it was first published back in 2005 and we have seen Fraser Island nominated again and again in the Readers' Choice Awards – so we'll be marshalling our friends and fans to partake in a little armchair PR by visiting the and voting before entries close on November 1."

"A win in the Adventure Holiday category, will put the island front and centre in any marketing and social media activity the magazine does, which will be fabulous as we head in to our peak summer period," she said. "And, if a Fraser Coaster wins the $7000 Tasmanian holiday that's up for grabs just by voting, well, that will just be the icing on the cake."

Readers can visit to nominate in a range of categories including 'Best Guided Tour', 'Favourite City Or Town For A Summer Holiday' and 'Best Adventure Holiday' – so there is also an opportunity to profile the wider Fraser Coast region.

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