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Clean Up Australia Day Comes To Fraser Island

Kingfisher staff are joining in the community clean up Kingfisher staff are joining in the community clean up © Kingfisher Bay Resort

FRASER ISLAND: Staff and guests at Eurong Beach Resort, Kingfisher Bay Resort and on the group’s Cool Dingo and Fraser Explorer Tours will join 35 million people in some 120 countries by getting their hands a little dirty during the annual ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ and ‘Clean Up the World’ activities this Sunday, March 3.

Kingfisher Bay Group General Manager, David Hay, said Sunday’s clean-up was very timely given recent flood waters from the Mary River had deposited a lot of debris on the beaches around Fraser.

“For many years we’ve seen various four-wheel-driving clubs head over and clean up the rubbish that washes up on the shoreline and the waste that visitors leave behind,” he said.

“Like those dedicated individuals, we are committed to keeping the world’s largest sand island beautiful and hope that our guests will join our ‘Clean Up Fraser Crew’ in doing this small thing to maintain the island’s pristine environment.”

On Fraser Island’s western beach, Kingfisher Bay Resort Ranger team will arm themselves with garbage bags and pick up any rubbish they find on any of their guided walks, talks, canoe paddles to the Dundonga Creek mangrove colony or Segway excursions.

To the east, Eurong Resort staff will conduct a Bower Bird collection on a section of 75-Mile Beach near the resort.  Cool Dingo and Fraser Explorer guides will tackle other sites including Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek and other tourist hot spots on the eastern beach during the Community Clean Up day.

According to co-founder, Ian Kiernan, more than 24 million hours have been dedicated to cleaning the environment through the Clean Up Australia Day initiative – with more than 200,000 tonnes of rubbish collected.

Last year alone, some 591,400 volunteers cleaned up 16,169 tonnes at 7,363 sites across Australia.


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