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Photo Of The Month: Fraser Island Dingo In A State Of Repose

Quintessential Fraser Island Quintessential Fraser Island © Troy Geltch, Air Fraser Island

QUEENSLAND: Pilot Troy Geltch and his father Gerry are best placed to catch all the wildlife action on Fraser Island's 75-Mile Beach.  

Three-hundred-and-sixty-five days of the year (weather permitting) passengers are transported into the skies above Fraser Island in Gerry’s large-winged, big-windowed planes - as they have been doing since Gerry's dad, Harry, started the business back in 1974.

Gerry’s planes share their sandy runway with the four-wheel-drivers who come from all over Australia to test their vehicles in Fraser’s sandy conditions. Their passengers can simply drive up (or come by a Fraser Explorer or Cool Dingo tour bus) to the plane on the beach – and they’re away.  

And, when they're not transporting guests in the skies above Fraser, Troy can be spotted with a fishing line in Fraser's famous gutters or out and about with his trusty DSLR camera.  He was certainly perfectly placed to catch this amazing shot yesterday.

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