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JANUARY 2013: Dr Errol Exposes Hidden Critters In The Sand

Head Ranger, Colin Anderson, checks out life on the sand. Head Ranger, Colin Anderson, checks out life on the sand. © Kingfisher Bay Resort

Fraser Island’s shifting sandscape and geological formations hold a special fascination for Earth Scientist Dr Errol Stock, who will be returning to the world’s largest sand island early in the New Year as a special guest speaker.

Dr Stock conducted his first guest presentation at Kingfisher Bay Resort back in 1998 and returns on January 7 to unearth the water secrets of Fraser Island; expose the hidden critters in the sand and explain about sand on the move.

Topic: Water 'Secrets' of Fraser Island
Date: Monday, January 7
Time: 2030-2130
Where: Meet in reception

Eco Activity: Ranger-guided afternoon beach walk with special guest, Dr Errol Stock
Date: Tuesday, January 8
Time: 1400-1500
Where: Meet in reception

Topic: Hidden Workers - creatures and critters in the sand
Date: Tuesday, January 8
Time:  2030-2130
Where: Meet in reception  

Topic: Kingdom of Coloured Sands
Date: Thursday, January 10
Time:  2030-2130
Where: Meet in reception  

Having devoted most of his geosciences efforts in understanding dune terrain in Australia and elsewhere in the world, particularly along coastal western USA, Dr Stock has also consulted to the Australian Heritage Commission and has generated a substantial knowledge base about dune landscapes and processes, across a range of climatic conditions.

All talks will take place in the resort's Panama Conference Room, located in the Centre Complex and are free of charge to day visitors and house guests.

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Stretching over 123 kilometres along the southern coast of Queensland, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. more