Kingfisher Bay Resort - Fraser Island Accommodation

Self-Guided Day Walks - Track Notes

Track Distance – Route 1: 10km - 2.5 hours (one way)
Track Distance – Route 2: 12km - 3 hours (one way)
Grade: Moderate fitness required


Walk to the right of the Village Store (C) past the fuel bowsers, up the bitumen road exit to the sand track on your left marked Beerillbee Trail / Lake McKenzie / Dundonga Circuit.

Follow the trail uphill following the signs to Lake McKenzie. At the ridge top veer right and follow the track (downhill) to a junction (400 metres) with bollards and a track marker (B). Turn right following the fire trail to Dundonga Creek (3.3km) and then uphill to the crossing of Cornwells Break Road (C).

Cross the road and follow marked walking track to junction of Sleeper Hill Fire Trail. The climb up Sleeper Hill is long, but gentle. On the southern descent, cross Lake Wabby Road (D).

Follow the fire trail to Northern Road (E). Cross the road (as indicated by the trail markers) and follow the walking track to Lake McKenzie Road (F). Turn right and follow the road uphill for 20 metres before turning left through the boom gate.

Follow the lake side track to the picnic area (G) or walk to the beach. To walk the beach cross from the road to the beach on one of the beach tracks. Turn south (right). You have two beaches to explore, which are linked by a short boardwalk. Mid-way along the second beach a path leads back to the picnic area (G) and amenities.

To return to Kingfisher Bay Resort, retrace your steps or continue on Route 2.


Route 2 returns to Kingfisher Bay Resort along the western route. The Public Car Park and the exit road are adjacent to the far public amenities (H). Follow the marked vehicular exit road down the hill to its junction (I) with Bennett Road (1km). Turn right and follow Bennett Road to the track junction (J) (3km).

Continue straight ahead and follow the marked fire control trail running parallel to Beerillbee Creek. This trail was originally part of the tram-way for the McKenzie family timber mill and passes the ruins of the timber mill on the left, although they are quite difficult to find. At the next junction (K) turn right and follow the trail back to the KBRV main access road (L). Turn left and climb over the hill back to Kingfisher Bay.

Alternatively on the return you may choose to walk back along the western beach. To do this turn left at the junction (J). This seldom-used vehicular track is signed to McKenzies Jetty (M).  Follow the track to McKenzies Jetty / beach and turn north (right) to walk back to Kingfisher Bay Resort. Please do not attempt this route at high tide.

Water rats and the freshwater snakes can occasionally be seen, while little grebes, musk ducks and pied cormorants are some of the few birds seen feeding on the island's mirror lakes.

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