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Popular TAngler Bins Go Offshore

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Kingfisher Bay Resort is leading the way in sustainable tourism by encouraging visitors and tourists to put unwanted fishing line in TAngler Bins on Fraser Island.

A TAngler Bin is an unusual looking structure made from PVC pipe and designed specifically for the disposal of old, tangled fishing line, bait bags and hooks.

The resort is installing 2 TAnglers on the jetty at Kingfisher Bay, a popular fishing spot for local fisherman and resort guests, who comprise mainly international visitors and young families just in time for the busy school holiday period.

The eco-resort, located on the internationally recognised Great Sandy Strait, is working in partnership with OceanWatch Australia, a national not-for-profit organisation that has been instrumental in rolling out the TAngler bin program throughout New South Wales and now Queensland. The move follows in the footsteps of Fraser Coast Regional Council who are installing 8 TAnglers at popular coastal fishing spots.

"TAngler bins are a key component of OceanWatch activities to enhance fish habitats and improve water quality in estuaries and coastal environments. OceanWatch is delighted that Kingfisher Bay Resort and Fraser Coast Regional Council have embraced the TAngler bin program. I have no doubt that their combined efforts will assist in keeping line littering at bay, in the Bay," said OceanWatch Australia Project Manager Michelle Haase.

Kingfisher Bay Resort Group General Manager, Ivor Davies, said his team were proud to support any initiative that would keep the region's waterways clear.

The OceanWatch initiative is funded by the Burnett Mary Regional Group. Burnett-Mary Regional Group applauds Fraser Coast Regional Council and Kingfisher Bay Resort and Village in setting an example for other land managers to establish a network of TAngler Bins.

Burnett Mary Regional Group's Chief Executive Officer, David Brown, says, "TAngler Bins have been instrumental in other areas in bringing about attitudinal change for more responsible disposal of fishing line. This initiative is a positive step in the right direction to reduce local impacts of discarded fishing line on marine wildlife and habitats in our region."

This initiative is supported by OceanWatch Australia and Burnett Mary Regional Group. OceanWatch Australia is a national not-for-profit environmental organisation working to advance sustainability in the Australian seafood industry.

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